Blood Pressure Screenings in the Dental Office

Blood Pressure Screenings in the Dental Office

Have you ever had your blood pressure taken while sitting in the dental chair? High Blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease that typically remains undetected until your doctor takes your blood pressure reading. Unless your blood pressure is dangerously elevated (180/110), you most likely won’t even feel the warning signs. Dentists realize that while they see most of their patients twice per year, some patients may not visit their primary care doctor for several years. Taking blood pressure screenings at every dental visit is crucial to keeping track of more than just their oral health and potentially detecting more severe overall health problems.

At Cochecho Dental, we believe in comprehensive dentistry and a long term overall health plan. A blood pressure reading is taken at every dental visit. If any signs of high blood pressure are found, the patient is advised to seek medical treatment from the primary care doctor before moving forward with dental treatment.  Many patients may question why: Dental anesthetics used in a dental office may affect each patient differently, depending on their age and current health status.We know “white coat syndrome” is a phenomenon in which people may exhibit high blood pressure above the normal range in a clinical environment, though it does not appear high in other situations. When this happens, we take a number of readings after a few minutes and in most situations, the blood pressure readings tend to get close to normal where the patient is able to be seen for dental treatment.

By screening your blood pressure and monitoring your heart rate at every dental visit, the dentist is taking major steps to ensure your safety and comfort at the office and at home. Never pass up the blood pressure screening, and if it’s not taken, we always encourage you to ask your dental professional.

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Shannon Hodgkins

Shannon Hodgkins

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