Flouride Benefits for Children and Adults – Small Solution, Big Benefits

Flouride Benefits for Children and Adults – Small Solution, Big Benefits

Treating dental cavities is important but preventing cavities is the best bet. Fluoride is a great way to prevent cavities in both children and adults. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water sources and has been found to not only reduce cavities in children and adults, but also help repair the early stages of tooth decay.

So how does Fluoride work?

Your mouth contains bacteria from the sugars in the foods and drinks we consume. If left untreated, this produces acid that breaks down the hard outer portion of the teeth, known as enamel. Once enamel breaks down, cavities start to form quickly. Here’s where fluoride comes in to save the day! Fluoride protects and strengthens the teeth by making them more resistant to the acid which reduces the risk of cavities. When it reaches your teeth, the fluoride is absorbed into the enamel replenishing the lost calcium and phosphorus to provide strength that was once lost during the breakdown from acid.

Applying Fluoride treatment in the dental office is common on children, but what about for adults? Research has shown that everyone can benefit from fluoride treatment. At Cochecho Dental, we recommend fluoride varnish on both adults and children.  Colgate found that more and more large cities in the U.S. have added fluoride to their public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

So what types of fluoride treatment are available?

  • Check with your local water district or have your water analyzed if it comes from a private well to determine if your water contains the fluoride mineral.
  • You can receive fluoride treatment at your next dental visit. A varnish may be applied by brushing the fluoride onto the surfaces of the teeth. A mouth rinse is also available.
  • Take home fluoride is another great option and is made available by prescription and toothpaste.

Fluoride is recommended on all patients to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Ask your dentist or hygienist at your next dental check-up to see which fluoride option is best for you, you won’t regret it.


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Shannon Hodgkins

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